The Lonely Cabbage Plant

Picture it, the Spring of '94...My granny broke her collar bone which was the start of a week of what I thought was going to be pure torture. She asked me and my brother to stay with her all week to help in the garden. Me, being a kid, I thought that was the last thing I wanted to spend my Spring Break doing, but when it's your granny you do what needs to be done. At the end of that week, as we stood back and admired our hard work and dedication, I had no clue I participated in a tradition or lifestyle that is slowly becoming extinct.

Yes, I know that was totally a Golden Girls moment, but sometimes it just has to be done.

My son decided he wanted to plant a cabbage plant last Saturday. Me, being the research junkie that I am, got straight to work on researching the best soil to use and how to properly care for this lonely cabbage plant. I gathered all my necessary tools on this mild March day. He wanted nothing more than to turn on the water hose. Little did I know that, that would turn into my entire backside becoming soaked from him dropping the hose on the sprayer. I took a deep breath to keep from screaming out at the frigid water that coated my back, but the task must go on. As I'm preparing the soil, I look up to see him riding off into the sunset on his bicycle. That left me and the lonely cabbage plant. With any 9 year old, the bicycle ride was fairly short lived. As he's pulling back into the yard, he sees I'm finished with cabbage plant. Task accomplished and job done. Now to hear him tell it, he planted it completely own his own. I let him tell his fish story and take credit of the lonely cabbage plant. After all that, he did learn a valuable lesson. Everyday he takes care of his lonely cabbage plant completely on his own and he knows how to properly water it and check for all those hungry bugs.

You'll be surprised at the pride and accomplishment that kids feel from just planting and caring for a lonely cabbage plant, tomato plant, or that squash plant. When you feel like you can take on more, imagine how much more simple it would be to go to the garden and pick the fixings for a salad versus going to the grocery store after working all day, standing in the mile long line to be checked out, and still having to go home and prepare it. So I say, take that few minutes out to teach your kids the importance of growing their own food. Lets all band together and not allow that lifestyle to become completely extinct.

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