A podcast? For A feed Store, Why?

About six months ago, I began to research the future of retail stores that promote farm, feed, and the great outdoors, and I must tell you, the future seems bleak. Kids are no longer hunting or fishing as much with grandpa, the next generation is choosing more house rather than more land, and cowboy up is seen more like a bumper sticker rather than a way of life. However, instead of letting my frustrations get the best of me, we completely revamped all our social media to appeal to the next generation. We wanted to help them see the importance of sourcing your food or moments spent in the hunting woods will be some of the greatest moments of your life. We adapted while staying true to who we are. (Just a sneak peek, my first podcast episode in on authenticity)

I researched many different businesses with agricultural backgrounds, and I was inspired time and time again with their dedication and their ability to adapt as the space around them changed. Their dreams were often big and uncomfortable, but oh so inspiring.

As my research grew, so did my passion, these people lit a fire with inside me, they gave endless examples of overcoming the odds, I knew I had to share these people with the world and provide them with a space for their stories. I thought to myself; we could do some social media spotlights or guest blog post, or maybe even a fun blurb about them in our newsletter. Then I realized all the ones who "spoke to my soul" were all also speaking to me literally, whether it was IGTV, Youtube, podcast apps, their voices were a huge component of the inspiration I felt.. It's incredible how spoken words can light a fire within you; feeling someone's words vs. just hearing their words can genuinely inspire you. You know when you hear some people speak and they have, 'the hair on your arms rises' kind of passion, or the kind of intensity where you stop everything you are doing to jot down notes on literally anything to make sure you retain what the speaker is saying!

So here we are, behind the scenes working on graphics, mic setups ( I mean usb vs. xlr mic, who knows?), hosting platforms, and so much more. Podcasts are intense and scary, but we can't wait to showcase the agricultural industry. That doesn't just include tractors plowing the back 40 (which is pretty great if I do say so myself). It will also cover women who have started gardens at schools that live below the poverty level to help children learn to plant, grow, and cook their food. It will cover people who have taken their hometown cotton fields and turned them into high fashion pieces sold in stores around the world. We can hardly wait to show you the background of who we are and the importance it has in the world. I mean, we all like to eat, right?

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